RYAN Poultry Services offer a complete poultry shed cleaning service including the removal of poultry manure, disposal of manure, high-pressure washing, removal of waste water, feed bin cleaning, disinfection, heat sterilisation, floor repairs and the bedding of sheds in preparation for the next crop.

All of our services can be offered as a whole, comprehensive package from start to finish, or as individual services according to our customers’ needs.

All of our staff are trained and hold the relevant qualifications to the highest standards related to their specific business unit, making us the professional choice.


Our dedicated mucking-out team are scheduled to arrive on site as soon as the birds have left the huts. Using a range of specialised equipment, we remove the litter and load it into trailers at the customer’s request. We run a wide range of machines, allowing us to use the right machine for each task. From smaller machines for smaller sheds, to larger machines for larger sheds, we have the flexibility to meet your needs.

Muck and haulage services
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We strategically time our poultry shed washing team to arrive on site as soon as the mucking out team have finished the site. Our wash teams take their time and ensure a high quality job, leaving the sheds cleaned to an exceptional standard.


Once the poultry sheds have been thoroughly washed, we have a professional team who apply disinfectant to the sheds to ensure a thoroughly robust hygiene programme.

To further minimise the risks of bio-hazards, RYAN Poultry Services champion the heat sterilisation of poultry shed floors. Heating floors to 500 degrees Celsius then applying disinfectant reduces kills a number of pathogens and also the heat provided helps the disinfectant work better.

Our muck and wash teams are complemented by a six-strong team of engineers who continually maintain our fleet of tractors, trailers, tankers and lorries to ensure continuity of business at all times.

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There’s more to RYAN Poultry Services than just cleaning poultry sheds. We also provide comprehensive one-off and contract cleaning solutions on farm.

Our services include the cleaning of vegetable stores, warehouses and agricultural machinery and solar farms.

We have a wide-range of equipment to perform a whole range of cleaning tasks, at height and on the ground. Contact us today to find out how we can help you and your business.